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Glow Face Serum

Glow Face Serum

SKU: 21554345656

Skin is stronger, healthier, and visibly transformed.


Alcohol-free, gluten-free, silicone-free

10 ML



    A natural, rejuvenating, defensive serum, powered by gotu kola, rosehipseed oil, golden jojoba, lavendar and frankincense.

    Glow Facial Serum is your daily dose of fresh and natural ingredients that strengthens the skin’s barrier function and supports ultimate skin health—repairing the sins of the past and protecting against modern day environmental stressors like blue light and pollution. Turns redness down and radiance up.


    To use Golden Facial Serum, unscrew the black cap and squeeze nozzle to dispense product.

    Can be applied onto fingertips or directly onto skin. Massage into freshly cleansed skin in gentle upward strokes until fully absorbed. Follow with moisturizer.

    Can be used daily, morning and night.

Patch test is recommended

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